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Spawn Jars / Mycelium from edible mushroom strains
Spawn Jars / Mycelium from edible mushroom strains
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Choose the strain of your choice based on the currently available edible mushroom strains shown below in the drop down selection menu.
Want to grow your own?  Environmental restoration, mushroom gardening,  soil detoxification, not to mention growing some darn good tasting mushrooms, all begins with your fully colonized jar of our specially developed mushrooms spawn.
These beautiful, and delightful tasting species are grown in 100% sterile laboratory conditions where we have the ability to alter, and improve upon their genetic traits. Fast colonizing, contaminant resistant, and easy to fruit, these species are the best of the best when it comes to home cultivation.
For questions on how to use your mushroom spawn, or to get lots of wonderful ideas on how to grow these delicious, healthy, beautiful edible mushrooms just stop on by Shroomtalk for the latest and greatest in mycology conversations.
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Ordered the grab bag of Cubi and blue oyster. Fast shipping, and positive results. Everyone should grow mushroom , and this a great place to get started.
I placed my order on thursday and have recieved it today (less than one week shipping). The jar is a lot bigger than I had been expecting, can't wait to inoculate it.

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