Over the years there has been much hype about whether or not a dark or cloudy spore syringe is more effective than a spore syringe that appears to be more clear.
It would seem that from an initial visual perspective a darker or inky spore syringe would be a better product to experiment with. The darker the mixture inside the syringe should be equal to the amount of spores inside and more spores means a better chance at microscopy.
Unfortunately this perspective is not 100% accurate. From most of the experiments we have been apart of a clear spore syringe can be just as effective, and even more reliable than a cloudy or dark spore mixture. The fact is that mushroom spores are microscopic and not visible to the human eye unless they are in large numbers or clumps.
So when you are viewing a clear spore syringe it can actually contain thousands of microscopic spores. When a spore syringe has been properly mixed it will not clump and you will not be able to easily see the spores inside with your eyes alone. If you were to take a few drops of that solution and view it under a microscope you would see all the spores floating around.
So what is the difference? Other than just visual appearance there can actually be some complications with a clumpy or dark syringe if it was not properly mixed. The spores will be much harder to release and can get stuck in the needle or inside the syringe when the water is pushed out causing blockage. A clear or more transparent syringe will still have thousands of spores and when you use it they will flow freely.
Over the years vendors have realized that darker spore syringes can sometimes sell better as the average customer does not have the experience to know the difference. If you were to make your decision based on how dark the spore syringe is alone it would be easy to understand how it would appear that a darker mixture would equal a better spore syringe, but usually that is not the case.
Sadly some vendors have even gone to the extent to fake the dark look of there product by adding dye or charcoal to the mixture. This would make there spore syringes appear to be very thick and full of mushroom spores when it reality they are getting the same amount or less than a regular spore syringe. It is important to do a little research before making a purchase and do business with a vendor who has been around for some time.
Spores101.com has always provided quality spore syringes with a realistic amount of mushroom spores in each syringe. In most cases to get results you don't need a dark syringe and the average clear mixture will do the trick just fine. But due to market demand and the lack of experience some customers will still prefer even more mushroom spores inside to make the syringe appear darker so we have included an upgrade option with each strain. If you choose this option we will maximize the amount of mushroom spores in the mixture and make it darker for you.
So if you are browsing the forums and hear complaints or rumors about spore syringes being clear make sure you post a link to this article as it may help to educate an otherwise unexperienced beginner on this simple subject. Thanks for reading!



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