What do you think of when you hear the world mushroom?
I bet most people immediatly think of magic mushrooms. You know the ones with the phsycoactive ingredients that can cause hallucinations and are considered illegal in most countries. If that was the first thing that came to your mind when you thought of the word mushroom then you should continue reading this blog.  You need to be enlightened.
Mushrooms have so much more to offer us than mind altering effects. In my opinion that is one of the less interesting facts when you consider all the different varieties and species that exist. There is a huge realm of medicinal and scientific resources that have not been discovered in the world of mycology and mushrooms, and I think its important for us as human beings to learn as much as possible about the fungus among us.

It seems there is a theme being duplicated throughout the universe and our reality. That theme or pattern is similar to the web of mycelium that mushrooms produce. You can see it in the outer reaches of space as gases flow with matter and black holes create strand like patterns that resemble mycelium. You can find it in the branch structure of trees and plants. We have it in our bodys, our lungs have the vein networks and air sacks spreading out in every direction. When lightning strikes , what does it look like? It just so happens to resemble the complicated web of mycelium that mushrooms use to exist.

Mushrooms have evolved this technique over millions of years so maybe we should have a little more respect for them. Take the time to truly consider the immense potential and experience behind such a life form. Mushrooms are more than just mushrooms and I don't think the average person truly realizes how important a role they play in our existence.
If this blog has sparked your interest even in the slightest than we still have a chance.  Please consider reading the book "Myceium Running" by Paul Stamets if you want to expand your mind even more and learn more about how mushrooms can save the world.

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