Oyster Mushroom Patch
This mushroom patch will fruit like this up to 5 times!

Oyster Mushroom Patch

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A bag of straw fully colonized with oyster mushroom mycelium of your choice, ready to fruit or transfer.
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Ready to grow!  This indoor or outdoor mushroom patch comes with everything you need to grow your own delicious, nutritious, gourmet mushrooms right in your very own kitchen! This kit will fruit as pictured as many as five times before becoming spent. Simply place in the included fruiting tent, and mist twice a day with the included, high quality hand mister. Once spent, simply transfer the contents of the bag to a shady part of the garden, feeding it fresh compost to continue growing thousands of healthy, toxin destroying mushrooms for years to come! The pre-punched grow bag can also be re-used by pasteurizing your own straw once you learn how the process works.

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