Paul Stamets is interviewed by The Story ( talking about how Oyster mushrooms can save the world and how they can help the recent gulf oil spill.
Also reflecting on early times in Paul Stamets life. Listen as he tells the story of his first magic mushroom experience and how he was able to overcome his problem with stuttering.
This .mp3 interview is very entertaining and gives some insight into the personality behind the myco hero Paul Stamets. Very personal and up close details are revealed about his early days exploring mycology.  This type of story is inspiring to people like me as the world of mushrooms and mycology is very overwhelming, it  is important to follow in others footsteps so we can gain new ground without wasting time and doing things someone else has already done. 
These are the early days in a new revolution in the information of mushrooms. Over the next 5-10 years we will see a new perspective unfolding as the reality is realized.  The many uses and advantages that mushrooms and fungi hold is mind blowing.  We need to save the old growth forests so we can save the potential that is living in them.
Anyway, enough of me blogging, listen to the The Story interview with Paul Stamets, its much more entertaining.

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