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Random Grab Bag of 4
Random Grab Bag of 4
In Stock
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When we have excess stock on certain strains we can offer you a better deal. Its important to move out the product as fast as possible to maintain shelf life. Even though spores last an indefinite amount of time when stored in the fridge we don't want to keep any stock on hand for very long.
To help move these items out we have put together a random selection of psilocybe cubensis spore syringes and reduced the price to less than $9.00 per syringe. For $35.00 plus shipping you will get 4 quality spore syringes in a 10ml syringe.
Your Price:
  • less than 9$ per spore syringe
  • get a selection of strains at a reduced price
  • same guarantee and same quality as regular spore syringes
  • Customer Reviews & Testimonials Average Rating review View All Reviews
    I was very impressed with the customer service and fast worldwide shipping! They even gave me a 5th one for free! Would definitely recommend.
    Amazing quality, fast shipping and perfect results!
    I’ve bought syringes in the past from 101 with good results. This time getting the randoms, The selection given to me was very decent, Even gave me a fifth syringe. Amazing shipping,I ordered on a Friday came in on Monday Amazing!
    Asked for for 4, got 5. Very nice.
    I am so impressed with how fast my order was shipped. More than excited about the extra syringe! Honestly one of the best experiences ever! I'll definitely order again
    Got my package in 10 days + they threw in a free syringe! Ended up with Golden Teachers, Alcabenzi, Creeper, Australian Psilocybe & Treasure Coast!
    awesome deal here i got 5 syringes gulf coast, mexi-cub, blue meanie, treasure coast, and south american!
    I got some great white monster cambo b+ and alacabenzi grade A choices could not have been a better selection thank you!
    just got my shipment. scored some cambos, b+, Ala, B.T., and, because the world didnt end ;), they threw in some Ama.!!!! ... i couldnt be happier with the selection. I got the 3 strains that were at the top of my list of ones i wanted to study... time to hit the books!!!!
    i love using spores 101 and i just ordered my grab bag i have faith that they will send me a good selection and as always cant beat the price keep up the hard work!

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