One of the great features we have included with the new website is the ability to collect reward points.  Any purchase you make at the website will automatically grant you a single reward point for the starting dollar value of the product you ordered.  After saving up enough reward points you can redeem them for certain products that will show as available in your account.
You need to login and click on MY REWARDS to see how many points you have saved up, you can also click on REDEEM to view the products that are available for redemption. Please note that not all products are always available for use with the reward points.
You can see how many reward points each product is worth by simply viewing the main product page.  Near the bottom after the description there will be a small box displaying how many points will be rewarded if you purchase that product.
This reward point system is important for showing our customers how important there repeat business is to us.  If you are an existing long term repeat customer you will start the new account with 0 points but you can email [email protected] and request an order history check.  If you request this we will double check your order history in the old website to determine how many points you should be awarded in the new website.  If you have been a repeat customer this is a method you can use to acquire some reward points right away without making any new purchases.
Reward points can also be added for other reasons.  If you have had an error on mistake on an order we can offer you reward points instead of sending out replacements or offering a refund.  You can also request that your reward points be transferred to a different account if you wanted to trade them or give away as a gift.  There will also be contests / give aways at using reward points as the prize so keep an eye out for new opportunities to increase those points!


douglas mclean

Date 9/4/2012 6:07:13 AM

yasheen beharie

Date 8/7/2015

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