To celebrate the launch of our new website we decided to have a draw for a chance to win $100 in store credit at the new website.
All you need to do is become a member at both and then click here to get your name entered into the draw.  Next you need to reply to the contest thread and your name will be included for a chance to win.
The contest will be left open until the end of August and the winner will be announced the first week of Sept. 2010. There is also many other contests and draws always in effect at so check it out and get your name entered in each of them to increase your chances of winning something!
Shroomtalk members also will sometimes see lower prices on certain products at so there is much value to becoming a member.  If you are selected as the lucky winner for the 100$ store credit you can claim your prize very easy.
All you need to do is create an order for the items you want and choose MAIL ORDER as the payment method. We will mark the order as paid and ship it as though it was a regular order.  If you want to use the credit towards a larger order you can do that also.  Simply create the order and choose the payment method you want to use, if its credit card we can do a refund for the 100$ credit after the order is submitted.  If its mail order you can simply subtract the 100$ off the total amount and send in the remainder with a note stating your using the credit towards the order.  We will apply the credit and ship your order out ASAP.
If you have any questions about the contest or anything else please feel free to use the Contact Support Form to submit your inquiry.


Linda Moeller

Date 8/3/2010 10:25:04 PM


Date 8/4/2010 8:41:18 AM

Ryan Baker

Date 8/4/2010 11:00:54 AM

Joseph A. Parra

Date 8/4/2010 12:00:08 PM

Jason Melnichok

Date 8/5/2010 9:32:42 AM

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