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To celebrate the launch of our new website we decided to have a draw for a chance to win $100 in store credit at the new website.  All you need to do is become a member at both and then click here to get your name entered into the draw.
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One of the great features we have included with the new website is the ability to collect reward points.  Any purchase you make at the website will automatically grant you a single reward point for the starting dollar value of the product you ordered.  After saving up enough reward points you can redeem them for certain products that will show as available in your account.  You need to login and click on MY REWARDS to see how many points you have saved up, you can also click on REDEEM to view the products that are available for redemption.
Please note that not all products are always available for use with the reward points.
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All about spore syringes

Generally a spore syringe is used to drop spores and water mixture onto slides for microscopy research or to inoculate sterile substrates with a specific strain of mushroom spores. There is a variety of methods for doin this and you can learn more on websites like

Spore syringes must be sterile when used for inoculation of substrates. In most cases you can purchase sterile, viable syringes from vendors online such as or you can make them yourself if you have some basic equipment and mushroom spores isolated in a sterile container. Its better to purchase spore syringes online from a vendor because you can be assured of the quality and sterility, as well as use a guarantee if provided. Sterile means the spore syringe contains only water and mushrooms spores and has been prepared in a sterile environment.

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Printing101 - All about mushroom spore prints

Spore printing is a simple but important process for storing and collecting of mushroom species. Basically you prepare some kind of clean material to store the print on (fresh typing paper, index cards, wax paper, tin foil, glass slides, ect... ), then cut a mature mushroom cap off at the stem, as near the mushroom gills as possible. Only use a clean scalpel or knife to prevent any contamination.
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