Your brain on psilocybin mushrooms

For the first time, people under the influence of psilocybin, the psychoactive ingredient in magic mushrooms, laid down in what appeared to be an fMRI brain scanner.
However, unlike an fMRI machine, the device didn’t generate any magnetic fields. In fact the device didn’t even generate an image of the brain or measure brain activity at all. The device was made out of wood.
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Mushrooms can help clean up oil spills

Here is an amazing and interesting fact; did you know that certain mushroom mycelium can eat oil? Yes that is what I said, mycelium can eat oil and therefore help clean up an oil spill.
A variety of Oyster mushrooms have proven to be extremely efficient at consuming oil and turning it into a non-toxic compost in less than 3 months.
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The amazing nutrition of mushrooms

Mushrooms are an amazing source of nutrition and should be considered a valuable food source in every home.  More people need to take advantage of this abundant fat free food, all it takes is a little effort and curiosity to try new things.
Mushrooms provide a wide array of textures and flavours to work with so there is no end to the combinations you can create.  Most edible mushrooms are also packed full of cancer fighting compounds, antioxidants, potassium, vitamin D, naicin, and riboflavin just to mention a few.  Mushrooms also contain absolutley no fat or cholesteral and approximately only 14 calories per cup.
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A dark spore syringe is not always a QUALITY spore syringe

Over the years there has been much hype about whether or not a dark or cloudy spore syringe is more effective than a spore syringe that appears to be more clear.
It would seem that from an initial visual perspective a darker or inky spore syringe would be a better product to experiment with. The darker the mixture inside the syringe should be equal to the amount of spores inside and more spores means a better chance at microscopy.  Unfortunately this perspective is not 100% accurate. From most of the experiments we have been apart of a clear spore syringe can be just as effective, and even more reliable than a cloudy or dark spore mixture. The fact is that mushroom spores are microscopic and not visible to the human eye unless they are in large numbers or clumps.
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