Choda Cubensis
Choda Cubensis

Choda Cubensis

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The Choda mushroom variety stands out as a highly sought-after variant of the Penis Envy strain, primarily due to its remarkable P.E. phenotypes. This particular variety may demand a significant degree of isolation if you're cultivating it from spores. However, if you've had experience with P.E. before, applying the same practices is advisable to achieve the iconic Choda appearance. Typically, both the length and width of the stem are quite substantial. However, the specific nutrients used can influence whether the stem becomes longer or shorter. In the majority of cases, this variety yields notably large fruits exhibiting the typical or even extreme P.E. characteristics. While this variety is primarily valued for its size and numerous other favorable traits, when utilized effectively, its spores can give rise to highly intriguing mutants when exposed to the appropriate environments. Acquiring these mutants might require some experimentation, but they showcase exceptional uniqueness.
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"RARE" Choda Psilocybe Cubensis - 10ml Syringe

The Choda mushroom variety is a highly sought-after variant of Penis Envy, primarily due to its extreme P.E. phenotypes. This variety may necessitate a considerable amount of isolation if you are cultivating it from spores. However, if you have experience with P.E., employing the same practices is recommended to achieve the classic Choda appearance. Typically, the stem boasts significant length and width, though its dimensions can vary depending on the nutrients utilized. In most instances, it yields notably large fruits with typical or exceedingly pronounced P.E. characteristics. While this variety is primarily sought after for its size and various other favorable attributes, when appropriately utilized, its spores can yield exceptionally intriguing mutants when subjected to the right environments. Obtaining these mutants usually entails some experimentation, but they are undeniably distinctive.

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