Lizard King Live LC - 10ml
Lizard King Live LC - 10ml

Lizard King Live LC - 10ml

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Liquid Culture is basically spore syringes on rocket fuel! Its pre-grown live mycelium in a tube. Mexican strain live mycelium suspended in liquid culture in a 10ml syringe.
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Spores101 is now offering a live mycelium liquid culture in a 10ml syringe.  Premium rocket fuel for growing mushrooms this will increase the speed of colonization and get you growing mushrooms faster.  Currently available for shipping to Canada only.

About the Lizard King strain

Lizard King is a psilocybe cubensis strain found in Mexico by someone named Lizard King, according to the Internet. It sounds like the strain name is a tribute to Jim Morrison. It is a garden variety cube strain with average potency, speed of colonization, and harvest results. One common characteristic in the report reviewed is that the strain completes each flush very quickly (4-5 days).

Quote from the Lizard King:

"This week just keeps getting more strange by the day for cubies. I can't find a single cube in the local cow pastures, but here I am finding them in horse pastures and wood chips of all places!! You see, there is this horse park where I live, the 96 Olympics were there. Anyways, there are stables, and riding arenas all over this park, and there are what you call "manure pits", where the manure and stable bedding gets shovelled into. Well, I stopped and asked an attendant where they empty these dung pits at? He directed me about a mile up the road to the dump site and said I was free to take all I needed. So I get up there, and the dump consists mainly of the wood chip bedding from the stables, and a few horse turds here and there, didn't look very promising. Low and behold though, I step out of the truck and there sits a fat cluster of three large cubies. The thing is, they were growing from freaking wood chips!!!! I am sure there is horse shit buried under those chips somewhere, but the mycelium was actually growing in the wood chips, no dung visible at all, and I even dug a little. This has got to be the strangest of places I have ever found, or ever will find a cubie. I couldn't f*#&ing believe it!!
I found a horse stable close to home and asked them where they dump their stable trash, they told me where to go and said to take all I wanted. Stable waste is 90% wood shavings, its used for bedding for the horse, the other 10% is the dung that the horses drop in their stables. When I first pulled up to the site I spotted 3 nice fat cubies and couldn't believe it!! I picked them in a pile of wood chips, the mycelium was eating it up and loving it, there is absolutely no horse dung in site around them, not under it, beside it or around it. I think there is or was probably a small piece of horse dung that was colonised and spawned itself into the wood chips, its so apparent that it doesn't mind the wood chips, it actually loves it and seems to benefit from it, they grow way more healthy, thicker stemmed, plump and potent. They're awesome!."

Benefits of Liquid Culture

- Cultivator no longer has to wait for spores to germinate,

- Reduces incubation/colonization times by up to 50%.

- Less units per syringe needed to inoculate your medium

- Enhanced speed with healthy rhizomorphic growth

- Pre-grown live mycelium in a tube

- Resistant to contamination by microbes after inoculation

- Far more powerful then spores by themselves

- Need less CC amounts for inoculation then compared to regular spore syringes.

- Grown and tested in a Laboratory by certified scientists

- Highest quality, fastest growth and maximum potency for each strain

About Liquid Culture Live Mycelium

The advantages of using live Liquid Culture instead of spores to inoculate your jars or spawn is that the cultivator no longer has to wait for spores to germinate, while reducing incubation/colonization times by up to 50%. You need less units per syringe to inoculate your medium and also you will see enhanced speed with healthy rhizomorphic growth, producing a strong product in any stage of your process.

Achieve fully colonized 1 pound substrate units in 7 days!!!!

SCIENCE and SOUL: Our LC is grown with a specially formulated natural combination of food perfect for each strain. The scientists in our group have degrees in both soil science and agriculture and specializing in mycology. They have been experimenting with different options for growth potential, sterility, and nutrient bases for many years. When our group realized this was the best LC we had ever seen we knew we had to also get it out there to the world.

The natural food combination that we use has the perfect level of Glucose, Fructose. Starch and amino acids from natural sources. The containers we store them in right up until shipment are the exact sterile conditions they need with the perfect temperatures for optimum care. We even monitor their Oxygen and Co2 exchange.

You will always receive a fresh LC Syringe. They are not transferred to syringe until the moment you order, and from there on out your syringes will be at maximum potential for up to 10 weeks if stored in the fridge on your side. If you decide to not store them in the fridge then a maximum 2 weeks.

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