P.E.S Hawaiian (PESH)
P.E.S Hawaiian (PESH)

P.E.S Hawaiian (PESH)

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Strain Origin: Unknown, Psilocybe cubensis is not documented to be present in Hawaii. PES stock (Pacific Exotica Spora)
Part Number: GEN-PESHaw-US
P.E.S Hawiian (PESH) - Psilocybe Cubensis
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Habitat: Bovine, Equine Dung and Enriched Soils

Climate: Subtropical

Cap: 25-75 mm in diameter, convex to broadly convex to plane at maturity. Reddish cinnamon brown maturing to golden brown to light yellow. Surface dry with often-persistent remnants of universal veil on cap (spots). Flesh white soon bruising bluish green.

Stem: 125-175 mm in length, yellowish. Flesh bruising bluish green where injured. Persistent membranous annulus (ring) from partial veil that becomes dusted with purple brown spores at maturity.

Gills: Attachment adnate to adnexed. Grayish coloration in young fruit bodies becoming nearly black in maturity.

Spores: Dark purplish brown, subellipsoid on 4-spored basidia

Strain Origin: Unknown, Psilocybe cubensis is not documented to be present in Hawaii. PES stock (Pacific Exotica Spora)

PES Hawaiian Spore Syringe

Spores101.co provides an extensive range of top-quality spore syringes, including the exceptional PES Hawaiian Spore Syringe. As a trusted online retailer of premium mushroom cultivation products and supplies, it caters to the needs of both beginners and experienced mycologists. The PES Hawaiian Spore Syringe offered by Spores101.co is renowned for its superior genetic lineage and remarkable potency. This particular strain originates from the Pacific Exotic Spora (PES) collection in Hawaii, known for producing robust and highly productive mushrooms with unique characteristics.

With utmost professionalism, Spores101.co ensures that each syringe contains only viable spores, meticulously sourced from pristine sources to guarantee optimum results for customers' growing endeavors. Whether you are embarking on your first mushroom cultivation project or seeking to expand your existing mycology knowledge, turn to Spores101.co for its unparalleled selection of high-quality spore syringes, such as the coveted PES Hawaiian variety.

PES Hawaiian Mushroom Spores

Spores101.co, a reputable online supplier of high-quality mushroom spores, offers an impressive selection that includes the sought-after PES Hawaiian Mushroom Spores. With our commitment to excellence and attention to detail, this trusted platform provides customers with a seamless purchasing experience. The PES Hawaiian Mushroom Spores available at Spores101.co are meticulously cultivated under controlled conditions, ensuring optimal genetic quality. These spores possess unique characteristics that make them highly desirable among mushroom enthusiasts and cultivators alike.

Whether you're a seasoned mycologist or embarking on your first cultivation journey, Spores101.co's extensive information resources and expert customer support will guide you every step of the way in acquiring these remarkable PES Hawaiian Mushroom Spores for your projects. Spores101.co is a highly reputable online retailer offering a diverse selection of mushroom spore strains, including the sought-after PES Hawaiian Mushroom Spores. With their utmost commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we have earned an esteemed position within the mycology community.

PES Hawaiian Mushroom Spores are known for their distinctive characteristics, which set them apart from other varieties in terms of potency and visual appeal. If you seek an enthralling psychedelic experience or wish to embark on your own cultivation journey, look no further than Spores101.co's premium collection of PES Hawaiian Mushroom Spores. Our expert team ensures that every spore syringe undergoes rigorous sterilization processes following industry standards to guarantee optimal results for customers' endeavors.

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