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How to request a refund. In a situation were you are not satisfied with your purchase you need to first email the support team using the contact form on the website. Send us the details about your order including the order number and the reason you are not satisfied. We would much rather offer a replacement than a refund as there is processing fees associated with a refund that can not be voided. If you still want a refund instead of replacements we can do so after a deduction of the original shipping cost and the transaction fee associated with processing your card to do the refund.

All Credit Card orders must be refunded back to the original card used. All mail orders will be refunded back to the customer's mailing address as provided via company check in Canadian funds.

Refund Transaction Fee. After you have been approved for a refund we need to deduct the original shipping fee and the transaction percentage that is charged by the credit card companies. The shipping amount will be displayed on your original invoice and the transaction percentage is 3.75% of the total amount charged. So if your original order was for $24.99 and you had $8.00 shipping, we would have to deduct the $8.00 and another 3.75% of 32.99. The remainder of your refund would be $23.76.

Any order that has been submitted and processed over 24 hours is considered a valid order and will be subject to these terms if a refund is requested. If the order is cancelled within 24 hours we can prevent the charges and void the transaction before it has been processed.

Request Replaements Instead of a Refund.We can offer a replacements instead of a refund in most situations. However we will still require an additional shipping fee to be paid to send out those replacements. Please contact the support / shipping team to setup a replacement on an existing order. You can only request replacements one time on a single order. After you have accepted replacements instead of a refund we can not issue a refund or any future replacements unless other wise negotiated.

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